Orange Cake with an Emphasis on Orange: Blood Orange and Olive Oil Bundt Cake

Like a Cheesecake Without the Cheese: Lemon Oat Bars

Mostly Apples, All Flavor: Mostly Apples Cake with Maple Coffee Glaze

Almost-But-Not-Quite Chocolate: Nibby Pecan Cookies

The Cookie/Cracker/Salty/Sweet Stick: Sesame Sticks

From Arkansas to Sweden via an Irish Chef: Swedish Apple Cake

Two Almond Cakes for Passover: Belinda's Flourless Coconut and Chocolate Cake, and Almond and Amaretto Cake

Simple Can Be Sensational: Simple Sesame Cake

Easy, Bright Delight: Lemon Sugar Cookies

Mini Eggs, Massive Spread: Milk Chocolate Egg Cookies

The Lean Version: Blood Orange & Olive Oil Upside-Down Cake

There's an Oatmeal Cookie for Everyone: Pan-Banging Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies