The Simplest Shortbread Shines: Sumac and Vanilla Shortbread

When I saw a Facebook post from epicurious about some "Sumac and Vanilla Shortbread," I immediately clicked through to get to the recipe (yeah, I guess social media algorithms have me all figured out, since I end up baking a lot of things after I see them on Facebook or Instagram). Then I realized the recipe is from Honey & Co. at Home . I don't own the cookbook, but I do own and like Honey & Co. The Baking Book -- so it was an easy decision to give the recipe a try, especially because I still have sumac on hand. These shortbreads are slice-and-bake vanilla cookies rolled in a mixture of sumac and sugar before baking. The dough only requires five ingredients: softened butter, powdered sugar, flour, vanilla bean seeds, and salt. The recipe says you can make the dough in a food processor or with a mixer; I used my KitchenAid stand mixer.    I formed the dough into a rectangular log with rounded corners and chilled it for a few hours. Even though the recipe says

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