For Fans of Steamed Pudding: Cranberry Spice Cake

Around Thanksgiving, I stocked up on fresh cranberries without having a solid plan for how I was going to use them. I know you can freeze cranberries, but freezer space is always at a premium at our house. So I looked for some fresh cranberry recipes and decided to try Karen DeMasco's Cranberry Spice Cake .  I've made a lot of cakes and desserts with fresh cranberries, and I don't think I've ever made one that uses finely chopped cranberries -- but this recipe calls for cranberries (fresh or frozen) that have been run through the food processor. Other than that, the recipe is straightforward. You combine  flour, baking soda, ground cardamom, cinnamon, and salt in one bowl; combine sugar, dark brown sugar, oil, eggs, lemon zest, orange zest, sour cream, and vanilla in another; alternately add the flour mixture and apple cider to the sugar mixture; and fold in the chopped cranberries. I baked the cake in a parchment-lined pan and while it was still warm from the oven, I t

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