Waiting for Chocolate Season: White Chocolate and Pretzel Cookies

I use a lot of chocolate. Because I buy couverture chocolate via mail order, I can only get it during cool weather months, which I refer to as "chocolate season." (Out of curiosity, I just went through my email receipts from the most recent chocolate season and tallied up what I purchased: 5 kg Callebaut Velvet white chocolate; 7.5 kg Callebaut Gold caramelized white chocolate; 2.5 kg Cacao Barry Ghana milk chocolate; 3 kg Valrhona Caramelia caramelized milk chocolate; 17.5 kg Callebaut 2815 bittersweet chocolate; and 15 kg Cacao Barry Guayaquil dark chocolate. While my pandemic chocolate usage has been particularly high, it's a little shocking to do the math and realize that that adds up to more than 100 pounds of chocolate.) Now as we're at the tail end of non-chocolate season, I'm almost out of milk and dark chocolate and I'm strictly rationing out my supplies until chocolate season rolls around again. But I still have plenty of white chocolate and caramel

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