Can You Have Too Many Sprinkles?: White Chocolate Birthday Cookies

I still work from home 100% of the time, and I miss my wonderful colleagues tremendously. Not just the countless daily casual interactions we used to have in the office, but also the times when we would gather together to celebrate milestones. It's always sad to say goodbye to a colleague at a going away or retirement party, but having these parties over Zoom seems so inadequate. While agency-wide parties are definitely out, some folks have been willing to organize and host smaller gatherings (outdoors, of course) to send off colleagues in person. For one of these bittersweet occasions, I decided to bake Buttermilk By Sam's White Chocolate Birthday Cookies. I mean, if a whole mess of rainbow sprinkles can't make people feel happy, what will? 

This is a small batch recipe with a stated yield of eight cookies, but I tripled it. Surprisingly, it doesn't require a mixer. You melt butter with brown sugar and white chocolate in a bowl set over a pan of simmering water; cool the mixture until just warm to the touch; add salt, imitation vanilla, and an egg yolk; fold in cake flour; baking soda, sprinkles, and white chocolate; and chill the dough briefly before scooping it out. I used Callebaut Velvet callets for the white chocolate and I made my own mix of sprinkles by combining rainbow jimmies and several different colors of confetti sprinkles.
I used a #24 scoop to portion out the chilled dough and got 24 cookies, so I hit the stated yield on the nose. I wanted sprinkle overload, so I also dipped the top of each cookie in more sprinkles before baking. My cookies spread quite a bit and ended up fairly thin and golden brown. They had a crisp exterior and a chewy interior, and they were a big hit at the party. But I think I overdid it with the sprinkles, because even though I loved the way the cookies looked, you could actually taste the sprinkles -- and let's face it, sprinkles don't taste good. If you want a funfetti vibe and vanilla box cake flavor, this might be the cookie for you.

And of course I didn't let the three egg whites I had left over go to waste. I made a triple batch of Buttermilk by Sam's Small Batch Double Chunk Cookies, with Valrhona Caramelia caramelized milk chocolate. I thought they were the natural complement to the birthday cake cookies, and not only because making both recipes at the same time is an efficient use of eggs. I figured that between the birthday cake cookies and chocolate chunk cookies, I could offer something that would appeal to everyone.
Recipe: "One Yolk, Eight White Chocolate Birthday Cookies" from Buttermilk by Sam. 

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