Over the Top: Next-Level Crispy Treats

I love me a freshly-made Rice Krispies treat. The combination of crispy, chewy, and stretchy textures is simply irresistible to me. Shauna Sever's cookbook Midwest Made has a recipe for "Next-Level Crispy Treats" that uses twice as many marshmallows as the classic recipe -- and has some white chocolate added, to boot. I had to give it a try.

Making the treats is easy. You melt butter with marshmallows and salt; add white chocolate (I used Cacao Barry Zephyr 34%) and vanilla; and stir in the cereal. The you toss in some more marshmallows and continue stirring the mixture over low heat until those marshmallows just begin to melt. Then you gently pat the mixture into a pan and let them cool. I lined my pan with parchment paper so I didn't have any problems getting the treats out of the pan intact.
Shauna's recipe also uses more cereal than the original recipe, so my treats were taller than what I'm used to. The bars cut cleanly to reveal visible pieces of mostly intact marshmallows inside. These Rice Krispies treats were decadent. The biggest difference between them and the traditional Rice Krispies treat was the texture. The next-level treats had a softer texture than a traditional treat, which has more chew. I couldn't taste the white chocolate as a distinct flavor, but the chocolate definitely contributed to the overall richness.

These treats are clearly distinguishable from the traditional version, and they are not just next level -- they are above and beyond.

Recipe: "Next-Level Crispy Treats" from Midwest Made by Shauna Sever.

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