Caramelized White Is Gold: White Chocolate Butterscotch Blondies

With a lot of Cacao Barry Zéphyr Caramel white chocolate on hand, I've been looking for ways to put it to good use. Stella Parks has a recipe in Bravetart for White Chocolate Butterscotch Blondies that calls for seven ounces of good quality white chocolate or caramelized white chocolate. Stella describes the bars as "loaded with brown butter, white chocolate, and malted milk powder, giving them a flavor reminiscent of a butterscotch milkshake crossed with a malt ball."

Aside from the need to brown butter, this recipe is pretty straightforward. You whip brown sugar, white sugar, malted milk powder, salt, eggs, and vanilla until thick and fluffy; add a warm mixture of brown butter and white chocolate; and incorporate flour. The baked bars are a deep golden color, with a crinkly and glossy top.
I tried a bite of a bar the same day they were baked and I thought it was okay. The center was slightly damp and the malt flavor was very strong. While I like malt, I don't generally like it to be the primary flavor of a dessert -- I like it combined with chocolate. I tried a bar the following day and thought it was much better. The center of the bar was not wet, but moderately fudgy, and I thought the malt flavor had mellowed out a bit. It tasted caramel-y and butterscotch-y. The bars were dense, rich, and very satisfying even in small slices. Stella says the leftover blondies can be chopped into bite-sized pieces and frozen, used as a mix-in for ice cream. I imagine these bars would make an amazing blondie sundae.

I think these bars might benefit from the addition of nuts or perhaps some white chocolate chips to give them a little texture. But even plain, they were delicious. My tasters really liked them and I would definitely make them again.

Recipe: "White Chocolate Butterscotch Blondies" from Bravetart by Stella Parks.

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