Ipso Fatto Instant Photos: Pablo's Baby Shower

Restaurant Eve cupcakes have become one of my standards for baby showers. The moist, white cake is delicious and universally popular, and the frosting is sturdy and versatile for decorating purposes. Plus, one recipe conveniently yields enough batter for exactly two dozen cupcakes. For a recent baby shower with a butterfly theme, I had the idea of making the cupcakes look like flowers with butterflies on them. I purchased some sugar butterfly decorations from Little Bitts in Wheaton, MD, and some Wilton yellow petal baking cups. I dyed the frosting yellow to match the color on the baking cups, and used a bit of gold luster dust on the sugar butterflies to evoke the iridescence of real butterfly wings (it's difficult to see the effect in the pictures, but the luster dust really did give the butterflies a lovely sheen). This is the first time I've used the Wilton petal baking cups, and while they are just adorable, I was slightly disappointed to discover that they are not greaseproof. Nonetheless, I was so pleased with the way that these turned out.

Recipe: "Restaurant Eve's Cake," from the April 23, 2006 Washington Post.

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Louise said…
Your cupcakes look fantastic and I hope they were appreciated. On your recommendation, I've made the Restaurant Eve recipe twice. It's outstanding.
Justice Fergie said…
beautiful! will definitely try the Restaurant Eve recipe. thanks for the tip!
Yeah, I agree. Those cupcakes looks amazing and pretty well baked.