Ipso Fatto Instant Photo: the New and Possibly Improved Ginger Chip Cookie

I tried making the Double-Ginger Chocolate Chunk Cookie again, and I refrigerated the dough for about 12 hours before baking. I was much happier with the results this time. The cookies didn't spread as much, the tops were attractively cracked, and the cookies had an overall firmer texture. Tom disagreed with me and preferred the previous iteration of the cookie, both because he liked their chewier texture (I accidentally used regular brown sugar instead of dark brown sugar this time around, so that maybe have contributed a bit to the difference in texture as well), and he liked the milder flavor of the Penzey's crystallized ginger I used last time. This time I used crystallized ginger from Whole Foods -- which is roughly half the price of that from Penzey's -- but you really can definitely tell the difference.

Recipe: "Double-Ginger Chocolate Chunk Cookies" by Susan Spungen for more.com. [Note: you can now find the recipe on Susan's website, here.]

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