Tiny Cookie, Big Satisfaction: Spelt and Ginger Cookies

I rarely used spelt flour before the pandemic, but for some reason now I usually have a bag in the freezer. I'm not sure if it's just becoming more popular in recipes or if I've become more open to baking with it. But since I had spelt on hand, I decided to try Dan Lepard's recipe for "Spelt and Ginger Cookies."
This recipe calls for stem ginger, which is preserved ginger in syrup. I see stem ginger listed quite frequently as an ingredient in British and Australian recipes, but I have never seen it for sale in the United States. While I know it's possible to make you own preserved ginger, I figured that I would just substitute crystallized ginger.
This recipe is straightforward and doesn't require a mixer. You melt butter with golden syrup and drained stem ginger (or, in my case, chopped crystalized ginger); remove the pan from the heat and beat in caster sugar (I used regular granulated), brown sugar, and an egg yolk; and incorporate spelt flour, ground ginger, and baking soda. The recipe doesn't call for any salt but I added a little to the batter.
These cookies are supposed to be tiny. The recipe uses only 150 grams of spelt flour and 50 grams of butter, but the stated yield is 35 cookies that weigh about 15 grams each, or half an ounce. I generally like my cookies on the larger side, so I used  #30 scoop to portion out the dough into cookies that weighed about 50 grams each; I got only nine of these larger cookies from a batch. I discovered that the cookies didn't spread that much, so I needed to flatten them before baking. The edges of the unbaked cookies cracked as I flattened them, and my jagged-edged cookies didn't look much like the smooth-edged cookies in the cookbook photo. I had just a little bit of leftover dough that I ended up baking into a single small cookie, which is the cookie in the center in the photo above. That adorable cookie is approximately the size specified by the recipe, and it looks much closer to the ones in the cookbook photo.

This cookie was hefty and thick. The headnote says that the spelt adds "heaviness [that] is rather good, as it adds to the chewiness of the texture, and it also adds a nutty complexity to the flavour." There's no way I would be able to identify this cookie as 100% spelt just from the taste, but the texture and chewiness were quite memorable, as well as the distinctive nutty/earthy flavor. The cookie was almost cakelike -- which normally I hate in a cookie, but I actually quite enjoyed the texture here, especially because it was enclosed in a crisp exterior. And the cookies were deliciously gingery and spicy.
I loved these cookies and the little cookie was so cute that I think I would actually make these the tiny size next time. Somehow the idea of eating these by the handful seems quite appealing!
Recipe: "Spelt and Ginger Cookies" from Short and Sweet by Dan Lepard.