There's Almond in My Green Tea and I Don't Mind: Matcha Shortbread Cookies with Black Sesame Seeds

While I had matcha powder out to bake blondies, I decided to also try Molly Yeh's recipe for Matcha Shortbread Cookies with Black Sesame Seeds. The recipe seemed like a great opportunity to do something with the black sesame seeds I bought on impulse the last time I was at the Asian grocery store.

To make the dough, you cream softened butter and brown sugar; add almond extract; and mix in flour, matcha powder, and kosher salt. The recipe instructs you to roll out the dough to a thickness of 1/2-inch, but that seemed a bit excessive, so I rolled my cookies to 1/4-inch instead. I cut the dough in rectangles that were 2-inches long and 1.25-inches wide, and I got 36 cookies from a batch of dough. I sprinkled the cookies with black sesame seeds before baking.
These cookies were delightful. They were buttery and crisp, just as shortbread should be. The first flavor that came to mind when I took a bite was actually almond and not green tea (although the tea was definitely there as well) -- but I didn't mind, since I absolutely love almonds. Because the matcha and almond flavors are equally prominent, this might not been the cookie you're looking for if you want something that screams matcha. But if you just want some delicious shortbread, this cookie delivers. I thought these cookies were terrific and would happily make them again and again. 

Recipe: "Matcha Shortbread Cookies with Black Sesame Seeds" by Molly Yeh, recipe available here from Food & Wine.

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