A Cure for Chocolate Crunch Cravings: Cocoa-Cornmeal Biscotti

When I saw a Cocoa-Cornmeal Biscotti recipe from Dorie Greenspan in The New York Times Magazine, I had to try it right away. I love biscotti and have made them in all sorts of flavors, but I had never tried a biscotti recipe that called for cornmeal before.

It's an easy recipe. You mix room temperature butter with sugar; add eggs and vanilla; incorporate the dry ingredients (flour, cocoa powder, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and fine cornmeal); and fold in miniature chocolate chips and almonds (the recipe calls for sliced almonds but I used slivered nuts because I thought the end result would be prettier; I think I was wrong on that front).

I formed the dough into a single large log (I like my biscotti large); baked it; cooled the log briefly before slicing it; and baked the cookies for a second time on a wire rack to allow air to circulate underneath. I got two dozen cookies from the recipe.
These biscotti were wonderful. The texture was just a touch crumbly and slightly delicate from the cornmeal, but I didn't mind. They were incredibly chocolate-y. The deep cocoa flavor was reinforced by little bursts of more chocolate from the miniature chocolate chips. I don't know why chocolate biscotti aren't more common, because these were absolutely delicious.

Recipe: "Cocoa-Cornmeal Biscotti" by Dorie Greenspan, recipe printed in the June 19, 2018 The New York Times Magazine.