No Swirl, No Problem: Fudgy Biscoff Swirl Brownies

After making Dorie Greenspan's delicious "Better" cookies with cookie butter filling, I was eager to try another cookie butter baking project and picked up a few more jars at Trader Joe's. I browsed the website to look for recipes and decided to try the Fudgy Biscoff Swirl Brownies.

This is a super easy recipe. To make the brownies, you melt chocolate and butter (I did this in a double boiler); add sugar and brown sugar; mix in eggs, vanilla, and salt; and incorporate flour. I poured the batter into a parchment-lined 9-inch by 13-inch pan. The recipe instructs you to melt the cookie butter in the microwave, but since we don't own a microwave, I had to do this in a pan on the stove. Also, the recipe says to use somewhere between a half cup and a full cup of cookie butter, so I split the difference and used 200 grams (which is right around three-quarters of a cup). Melted cookie butter is really thin and runny. I put it in a measuring cup and tried to pour it in discrete strips on top of the brownie batter, but the strips pretty much ran together to cover almost the entire surface of the brownies. I did my best to swirl the cookie butter into the brownie batter before putting the pan in the oven.
I often chill brownies before cutting them to get cleaner slices, so after the brownies cooled I put the pan in the fridge overnight. The following morning when I sliced them I realized that putting the brownies in the fridge might have been a mistake. The cookie butter wasn't actually swirled into the brownies but was essentially just sitting on top. Moreover, it was dry and had an oddly friable texture; small pieces of the cookie butter flaked off from the edges as I was cutting the bars. I had noticed that the label on the cookie butter jar admonishes you not to refrigerate it, and perhaps I should have kept taken that warning to heart.

The brownie portion cut cleanly without any problems and I tried to replace the loose bits of cookie butter that were falling off, but all I could do was to lay them on top of the brownies; the dry texture wouldn't adhere. Still, I thought the brownies looked reasonably good. And my tasters loved them. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the actual brownie was. It was wonderfully smooth and creamy without being overly heavy. And even though the cookie butter basically seemed like a separate layer of frosting on top, cookie butter tastes great on practically anything, including a brownie. Swirl or no, these brownies were delicious.

Recipe: "Fudgy Biscoff Swirl Browines" from The Biscoff Cookie & Spread Cookbook by Katrina Bahl, available at

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Louise said…
I definitely need to bake these sometime soon. They just sound like the right thing to do.