Fall Arrives with a Meh: Fresh Apple Cinnamon Scones

I have impatiently been waiting for fall to arrive. The weather hasn't cooperated, but I decided I could at least get into a fall baking state of mind by making some Fresh Apple Cinnamon Scones. I used a recipe from King Arthur Flour that is supposed to include cinnamon chips, but I have a strong objection to using flavored chips because they are generally made of partially hydrogenated oil. So I skipped the chips and hoped the scones would still turn out well.

To make the scone batter, you mix together the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, and cinnamon); cut in cold butter; stir in chopped apple (I used a Jazz apple); and mix in the wet ingredients (eggs, vanilla, and applesauce). I shaped the dough into 12 scones, brushed them with milk, sprinkled on coarse sugar mixed with cinnamon, froze them on a baking sheet for about 30 minutes, and then put them in the oven.
Because of the cinnamon sugar topping, the tops of the scones were already brown before baking. After baking at a high temperature (425 degrees), the tops became very dark, and I even had a few scones with lightly signed spots -- but the sides remained a light golden color.

I thought these scones were pretty meh. They didn't have much apple flavor and the texture was a little heavy -- not crumbly at all. As I was eating one, I wondered if adding a little boiled cider in the batter might help enhance the apple flavor. My favorite part was the crunchy sugar topping. I did like the cinnamon flavor, but I can see why the recipe calls for cinnamon chips -- the scones need a little something to add some oomph.

Recipe: "Fresh Apple Cinnamon Scones" from King Arthur Flour.