Liam Turns Six: Baked Ultimate Birthday Cake and Strawberry Supreme Cake

This year Liam's sixth birthday party was at Pump It Up, and as it turns out, I ended up making three recipes that all came from the gentlemen bakers at Baked. I had made each of the recipes before, so this is the first time I haven't tried something new for his birthday.

First, Liam likes sprinkles, so I made the Baked Ultimate Birthday Cake with sprinkles inside each of the layers and covering every bit of the outside of the cake.
I also took the opportunity to make the Strawberry Supreme Cake again. Previously, I made the recipe exactly as written, with fresh strawberries both in the cake batter and folded into whipped cream that was spread between the cake layers. I thought the fresh fruit was an unnecessary hassle, so this time I used freeze-dried strawberries in the batter and eliminated the fresh fruit-whipped cream filling altogether. Instead, I filled the cake with just strawberry jam and the vanilla buttercream.

I think this slightly revised version of the strawberry cake is every bit as tasty as the original, and it has the significant advantage of not requiring refrigeration. The vast majority of kids preferred the sprinkle cake over the strawberry. But I can't really blame them -- rainbow sprinkles are a siren call to the elementary school set.
To round out the baked goods selection, I also made a batch of Banana Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting. Even though I had made these cupcakes the day before for another birthday party, they were so good that I couldn't resist -- I wanted to eat another one!

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Louise said…
I think I would have needed a small portion of each of these. Sounds like a nice change to the Strawberry Supreme Cake with the freeze dried strawberries. Less preparation and no refrigeration sounds like a win/win to me. I'm trying, unsuccessfully, to get a friend who bakes with bananas almost every Friday to make the BAKED Banana Cupcakes. She can't seem to get past her grandma's recipe. (Grandma wasn't that great of a baker.)
Sally said…
I'd like to make the strawberry cake - do you remember how much freeze-dried strawberries you used (either by weight or volume)? Thanks!
Sally, I was hoping that I had made a notation in my cookbook about this, but I didn't. :( As best as I can recall, I think it was about one package, so probably around an ounce and a half. I think I coarsely crumbled the strawberries by hand. If I make this again, I will be sure to write down the quantity!
Sally said…
Thank you! I'm thinking about making this for my daughter's 4th birthday party - I'll let you know if I do!