Baked Sunday Mornings: Milk Chocolate Malt Semifreddo

This week's Baked Sunday Mornings recipe, Milk Chocolate Malt Semifreddo, was an easy lift. No baking required! The semifreddo is a mixture of egg yolks, sugar, malted milk powder, heavy cream beaten with sugar and vanilla to soft peaks, and egg whites beaten with salt to stiff peaks. You pour the semifreddo into a lined loaf pan, with layers of crushed malt balls on the bottom and in the middle. After it's frozen, you can remove the semifreddo from the pan as a neat loaf and cut slices to serve.

Technically, this recipe is called "Milk Chocolate Malt Semifreddo with Chocolate Syrup." But I've made the chocolate syrup recipe twice before, for the Banana Mousse Parfaits and the Bourbon, Vanilla, and Chocolate Milkshakes. Both times the syrup was horrible to the point of being inedible, and there is no way I'm ever making it again. The recipe headnote suggested some alternatives to the syrup, including crushed chocolate wafer cookies. I had some chocolate faux-reo cookies (without filling -- I baked them for the crust of the Easy Candy Bar Tart) in the freezer, so I just crushed a few of those and sprinkled them on top.
I thought this semifreddo was terrific. It has the consistency of ice cream, without any of the fuss. The malt flavor is nice and not overpowering. My favorite part was the bits of malt balls -- it turns out that frozen malt balls are freakin' delicious, and along with the cookie crumbs, I loved the different textures. I would absolutely make this again -- it's a wonderful option for a elegant frozen dessert, and I didn't miss the chocolate syrup one bit!

Recipe: "Milk Chocolate Malt Semifreddo with Chocolate Syrup" from Baked Elements: Our 10 Favorite Ingredients, by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. Recipe available here at Baked Sunday Mornings.


Susan said…
My whole family loved this, too. I used bought chocolate sauce after so many Bakers had trouble with the made one.
Looks great! I like the cookie crumb idea, for that texture.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful job! I loved this as well-- what's not to love?! I'm sure those faux-reos were delicious. I nixed the syrup too, after reading everyone's struggles from the milkshakes. Fran's Dark Chocolate Sauce was perfect. :)