Tart, Please, with a Cherry on Top: Cherry Frangipane Tart

A few weeks ago at the farmer's market, I couldn't decide between the red cherries and yellow cherries. So I bought a quart of each. As much as I love cherries, I realized a couple of days later that I wasn't going to be able to eat them all, so I looked for a sweet cherry recipe. I decided to try Valerie Gordon's recipe for "Cherry Frangipane Tart" from Sweet.

There are three components to the tart: a pâte sucrée sweet tart dough; frangipane; and stewed cherries. The dough is easy to make in the food processor. You combine flour, powdered sugar, and salt; add cold butter, and mix in a beaten egg until the dough comes together. You need to chill the dough for at least two hours before rolling it out, fitting it into a tart pan, chilling the crust again, and blind baking it.

The frangipane is a mixture of almond flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla, salt, and melted butter. You spread the frangipane into the cooled, partially-baked tart shell, and add stewed cherries (pitted cherries cooked with sugar until they release their juices, which are then cooled and drained) on top. You bake the filled tart until puffed and set.
I liked this tart a lot. The crust was dry and crunchy, like a cookie. I love almonds in general, and the combination of almonds and cherries has always been one of my favorites, so this tart was right up my alley. That said, the tart didn't blow me away. I prefer tart cherries for desserts, and these stewed cherries were not very flavorful. Still, it was a delicious way to use up my extra fruit!

Recipe: "Cherry Frangipane Tart" from Sweet by Valerie Gordon.