Ipso Fatto Instant Photos: Chocolate Cupcakes and Spring Vegetable Tart

Tom and I recently visited some friends with a new baby, and I dropped off a homemade dinner. Because mom and dad are vegetarians, the main course selection was easy -- a vegetarian tart. I made a "Savory Spring Vegetable and Goat Cheese Tart" and I added some fava beans as well. The recipe calls for -- cue gasp of horror -- a store-bought pie crust. Of course I made my own tart shell, using the crust recipe from a butternut squash tart that I've made before.

The dessert selection was also easy. A close friend vividly recounts how after his first child was born, the gift that was most appreciated and practically moved his wife to tears was chocolate Georgetown Cupcakes. So now when I think "new mom," I think "chocolate cupcakes." I've made Georgetown Cupcake's chocolate ganache cupcakes before, but I decided to make something little lighter given the hot and humid weather. 

I went with a recipe for "Ganache-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes with Seven-Minute Meringue Frosting." I thought that the fluffy marshmallow frosting would cut some of the richness of the cupcake, which has chocolate chips in the batter and is filled with a dollop of chocolate ganache. I didn't taste the cupcakes except for one of the small cylinders of cake that I had removed with a cupcake corer to make room for ganache; it was fudgy, chocolatey, and very good.

I didn't taste the tart, but it looked and smelled so delicious that I would absolutely make it again. Hopefully the new parents enjoyed it!