Sweets from Sweetie Pies: Orange-Currant Scones

As a big fan of the Culinary SOS feature in the Los Angeles Times, I couldn't wait to try the orange-currant scone recipe from Sweetie Pies that was published in the column earlier this month.  I love scones, and I've never tried any with this particular flavor combination before.

The scones were easy enough to put together: you just combine the dry ingredients (all-purpose flour, cake flour, sugar, baking powder and salt), mix in cubed chilled butter, add currants and orange zest, and then incorporate the wet ingredients (egg, half-and-half, and orange juice).  You form the dough into scones, and freeze the scones or chill them overnight.  Just before baking, you brush them with cream and sprinkle on some coarse sugar.  After the scones are baked and cooled, you drizzle on a glaze made from butter, powdered sugar, orange juice, and milk. 

The scones were quite pretty and definitely kept their shape well during baking (I froze mine for two hours before putting them in the oven).  I had a small problem with the glaze; it didn't have a smooth texture and also did not set completely firm -- I think I probably should have let my butter soften a bit more before mixing it with the powdered sugar.  Nonetheless, these scones were fabulous.  They have the ideal tender and crumbly texture, a bright orange flavor, and a wonderfully chewy texture from the currants.  While the scone itself it is not very sweet, it pairs very well with the sweet glaze.  These scones are full of flavor and are a real delight!

Recipe: "Orange Breakfast Scones" from Sweetie Pies in Napa, CA, recipe printed in the July 7, 2011 Los Angeles Times.


Katie said…
I've never thought of freezing scones before baking them. What a creative idea! Did you take them straight from the freezer to the oven? Or did you let them sit out for a bit first?
I wish I could claim credit for the idea! It's written into this recipe, and it's also part of the recipe for scones from Clementine that I make often (http://articles.latimes.com/2005/apr/27/food/fo-sostop27). The scones can go straight from the freezer to the oven, and it definitely makes a difference in helping the scones keep their shape.