A Fudgy Favorite: Recchiuti Brownies

I have been making the Recchiuti fudgy brownie recipe ever since I saw it featured in the Los Angeles Times Culinary SOS column back in 2004.  Last weekend, my cousin Cindy mentioned that she had recently tried the brownie at the Recchiuti store in the San Francisco Ferry Building and that it tasted exactly like my homemade version, which reminded me that I haven't made them in a while.  I have mentioned this brownie multiple times on this blog, but for some reason have never featured the recipe in a post... until now.

This brownie is ultra-fudgy and one of my favorites.  It is actually very easy to make -- you simply beat together eggs and salt, incorporate a mixture of sugar and melted unsweetened chocolate and butter, fold in sifted flour, and stir in bittersweet chocolate chunks.

The Times' Daily Dish blog recently published the recipe again after receiving a request from a reader, and this online version includes a photo.  I find the photo baffling, because I have made this recipe countless times, exactly as written, and my brownies have never looked anything like it.  Granted, I accidentally overbaked my brownies a bit this time, so they were not quite as fudgy as normal.  However, my brownies usually look just like the ones pictured in this post

Because these brownies are so fudgy, I chill them to make them easier to cut and then bring them back to room temperature before serving.  They are not very sweet, and are pure fudgy chocolate indulgence. 

Recipe: "Recchiuti Fudgy Brownies" from the September 29, 2004 Los Angeles Times.


Anonymous said…
How would you compare the 'fudginess' of this brownie to your salted fudge brownie? The salted fudge brownie is my all time favorite!!
When made properly (which I didn't this time), the Recchiuti brownie falls squarely in the "ultra-fudgy" category; it is probably just a hair more fudgy than the Baked sweet and salty brownie, and significantly fudgier than the salted fudge brownie from Food and Wine.

I am seriously contemplating holding a brownie tasteoff this summer where I pit brownies head to head to determine the best brownie in any given category (e.g. ultra-fudgy) and overall!
Anonymous said…
Thank you...I'll give them a try. I will look for your brownie taste off!! I really enjoy your blog?