Whip Up a Cake In a Jiffy: Whipped Cream Cake

Last night I was looking for a recipe to use up an open carton of heavy cream, and I happened to come across a Rose Levy Beranbaum recipe for "Whipped Cream Cake" in Rose's Heavenly Cakes.  This recipe had instant appeal because: it only calls for a few ingredients (flour, baking powder, salt, heavy cream, eggs, vanilla, and sugar); the batter can be mixed together in a few minutes; and cake bakes relatively quickly (25-35 minutes).  The only thing that requires some advance planning is that your eggs are supposed to be at room temperature.  I took a shortcut by taking out my eggs from the fridge and putting them in a bowl of very warm water; by the time my oven was preheated, my eggs were at the proper temperature. 

Beranbaum points out that while this cake might appear healthy at first glance (due to the absence of any butter or oil), the heavy cream provides plenty of fat.  To make the batter, all you have to do is whip the cream with the sugar until it holds stiff peaks, mix in the eggs and vanilla, and then fold in the sifted dry ingredients.  My cake took 35 minutes to finish baking and released cleanly from the pan.

I think that a sprinkle of powdered sugar really enhances the appearance of this cake.  The interior is lightly colored, with a fine, tender crumb.  This cake has a flavor that is pretty similar to traditional pound cake, but the texture is much lighter.  

I thought the cake was tasty, and it was surprisingly light.  The fact that it's so easy to make is a bonus -- you can literally whip up this cake in no time!

Recipe: "Whipped Cream Cake," from Rose's Heavenly Cakes by Rose Levy Beranbaum, recipe available here at Real Baking with Rose, or here on Amazon.com.


Unknown said…
Here's what I loved about this post--that you decided to bake something based on what was in your fridge. I would love to know what your stockpile of baking ingredients looks like. What kind of supplies to keep on hand?
I am a little embarrassed to admit how many baking ingredients I keep on hand. In response your question, I took a quick inventory, and this is (just some of) what I have at this very instant:

6+ lbs. unsalted butter
2 lb. sour cream
1 doz. eggs
1 quart buttermilk

Flour and Sugar:
37+ lbs. flour (combination of White Lily, King Arthur All-Purpose, King Arthur Bread, King Arthur Whole Wheat, King Arthur White Whole Wheat, and Swans Down cake flour)
5+ lbs. granulated sugar
3+ lb. coarse sugar
8+ lb. powdered sugar
10+ lb. brown sugar (light and dark)

8+ Hershey's Special Dark Bars
19+ bags chocolate chips (semisweet, miniature semisweet, milk chocolate, and white)
5+ lb. Guittard unsweetened chocolate discs
2 lb. Callebaut extra bitter chips
2+ lb. Callebaut bittersweet chips
2 lb. Merckens white chocolate discs

10+ lbs. nuts (pistachios, almonds, pecans, walnuts, peanuts)
6+ jars peanut butter (chunky and smooth)
1+ jar Nutella
2 tubes almond paste
10 cans pumpkin
2+ jars molasses
4+ bottles corn syrup
1+ lb. cocoa
1+ lb. crystallized ginger
16 vanilla beans

I hope this isn't a sign of having a real problem!
Louise said…
Don't be embarrassed. I looked at your list, then did a quick inventory of my own. I have everything on your list to some degree, plus I have tapioca, almond, and chickpea flours; dried fruits like pineapple, sour cherries, mangoes, dates; whatever it takes to bake gluten free such as xanthan gum; imported butters; Lyle's Golden Syrup; maple sugar; five kinds of cocoa, etc. I hate to have to run out to the store when I want to bake. So sometimes I have to think of things to bake to turn over the inventory. Oh, and there are four double decker revolving spice racks. I date the spices when I open them so I know what needs replaced.