Rugelach 2.0

For various reasons, there was an awful lot of Costco rugelach around the office last week. Seeing the stuff day after day prompted me to make another attempt at baking rugelach myself. My last (and only) attempt a little over a year ago left a little something to be desired. As it happens, Tom just gave me a copy of The Sono Baking Company Cookbook by John Barricelli, and it includes a recipe for Raspberry Chocolate Chip Rugelach.

Barricelli explains that he developed this rugelach recipe for a Martha Stewart Living TV segment around the Jewish holidays. I poked around the Martha Stewart website and found this rugelach recipe which is identical to the one in the cookbook except that it has a different filling. The cookbook recipe filling is a thin layer of raspberry jam (3/4 cup total) followed by miniature chocolate chips (3/4 cup total) and a sprinkling of sugar (6 tablespoons) mixed with cinnamon and allspice (3/8 teaspoon each).

This dough was extremely sticky, even after I had refrigerated it for about 6 hours. I rolled out the dough on a generously floured silicone mat, and even so, I lost a few cookies to stickage (when the dough is already covered in jam, chocolate chips, and sugar, you can't exactly just re-roll it once you discover that it's stuck). My little crescents ended up all sorts of irregular shapes and sizes, which was a little frustrating. But they did bake up a beautiful golden brown. If you overlook the lack of shape and size consistency, and the bits of raspberry jam that were leaking out here and there, they didn't look half bad.

As for the taste? I was not such a fan. I thought that the chocolate was a little distracting, and I think I would prefer these with a nut filling instead. The pastry was nice and firm, however. These were surprisingly popular at the office, however, so I might have to make them again sometime.

Recipe: "Raspberry Chocolate Chip Rugelach" from The Sono Baking Company Cookbook by John Barricelli. The recipe is identical to this one from the Martha Stewart website, except for the filling.

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