A Party Leftover Project: Caramel Cake

As I have previously described, I often find myself finding taking on baking projects solely as a way to use up leftover ingredients in the fridge. After baking two red velvet cakes and making some caramels for our holiday party, I had some extra buttermilk and some extra heavy cream on hand. I found what seemed like the perfect recipe for this situation on epicurious.com -- a caramel cake that requires a cup of both.

I was a little alarmed when I pulled the cake out of the oven, because the top was quite dark, on the verge of looking burned. But after I poured on the caramel glaze, I came to appreciate that the dark color of the top adds to the overall visual appeal of the finished cake. The glaze was semi-transparent, and the final product reminded me a lot of a flan -- a creamy yellow base with a dark top and a layer of caramel on top of that.

I thought this cake was okay, but nothing special. The cake was moist, although not especially flavorful, and the glaze had a nice light caramel flavor. One thing I definitely found annoying was that the glaze remained sticky (including on the sides of the cake), making it inconvenient to handle. My glaze also seemed a little thin. I will probably try this cake again at some point, however, especially when I happen to have the right combination of ingredients waiting to be used up in my fridge!

Recipe: Caramel Cake from epicurious.com.