I Heart Lemon Almond Cake

As I was contemplating what to make for an office happy hour yesterday afternoon, I rummaged around the fridge to see what ingredients I had on hand. An open quart of buttermilk (leftover from my black and white cookie project last week) and the remnants of a 5-lb. bag of lemons that I recently purchased at Costco immediately suggested an obvious answer: Lemon-Almond Buttermilk Loaf.

This is a beautiful and refined cake, with a very fine crumb. The lemon syrup (sugar dissolved in fresh lemon juice) that is brushed on while the cake is still warm from the oven adds an intense boost of flavor and moisture.

I made a double batch of batter and baked a regular loaf and a heart-shaped Bundt cake. (Normally I would not make something so cutesy for work, but I figured that seeing as how it's Valentine's Day this weekend, a heart-shaped cake would be okay.) As always, this cake was a reliable performer, receiving enthusiastic reviews.

Recipe: Lemon-Almond Buttermilk Loaf from epicurious.com.
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