Ray's Hell Burger Update: A Good Thing Can Get Better

Last weekend, Tom and I stopped for a quick lunch at Ray's Hell Burger on our way to the airport to catch a flight to L.A. I am thrilled to report that the place is a tasty as the first time we visited, and in fact, has actually improved on what I thought was already a fabulous concept.

First, Ray's Hell Burger now offers some good side dish options besides just Route 11 potato chips. While they are still not serving fries, they were offering coleslaw ($1.25), macaroni & cheese ($1.50) and cheesy potato puffs ($2.50 for an order of 8). We tried the coleslaw (which was creamy and good), and potato puffs (which were like balls of silky smooth mashed potatoes, mixed with a little bit of cheese and deep fried). I prefer a sturdier fried potato (like a french fry or tater tots) and did not particularly care for potato puffs, but Tom liked them and every single customer in the place appeared to have ordered them.

The menu also included new burger toppings that we had not seen on our previous visit, including bone marrow ($3), seared foie gras ($10), and black forest ham ($1.50). They were also offering small 8 oz. bottles of Diet Coke for $2 (last time, no diet soda was offered). On the cold winter day of our visit, each burger was served with a quarter of an orange, and patrons were offered a complimentary cup of very rich hot chocolate on the way out. The chalkboard by the register also promoted "the big deal" of a cheddar cheeseburger or Mack burger, plus any side and a 16 oz. drink for $10. This place is still the best burger in town, and I hope that they continue to expand their menu and offer more creative and yummy options! Click on the images to enlarge the menus.

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