A Fond and Fudgy Farewell

This afternoon we had a party at the office for Matt, an attorney who is retiring after 37 years of service. I asked Matt if he had a baked goods request, and he mentioned his favorite flavor combination of chocolate and raspberry. I knew exactly what to make to fit the bill -- the Fudgy Chocolate-Raspberry Bar, a recipe I actually first discovered a few years ago when Matt asked for a chocolate raspberry dessert and I put the terms "chocolate" and "raspberry" into the recipe search engine on epicurious.com.

These bars are easy to make, and they have raspberry jam in both the brownie batter and the frosting to impart a distinctive raspberry flavor. They are decadently fudgy, and they give off an intoxicating and wonderfully intense aroma. We are all sad to see Matt leave, but I will always think of him when I make these bars!

Recipe: Fudgy-Chocolate Raspberry Bars from epicurious.com.
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