Candy for Breakfast

Yesterday at the office we hosted a going-away breakfast for our college interns, who are leaving us at the end of the semester. I was looking for a new breakfast baked good since I've been making an awful lot of scones lately. I decided to try a Toffee Bar Coffee Cake recipe from The batter is made with dark brown sugar and buttermnilk, and the topping contains a generous amount of pecans and Heath Bar bits.

I though this cake was okay, but I don't know if I would make it again. It was definitely moist, and it was unusual darker shade of brown because of the dark brown sugar. But I didn't actually think that the cake itself had very much flavor. Nevertheless, this cake was very warmly received, although my theory is people would enjoy almost anything with a lot of nuts and Heath Bar on it.

Recipe: Toffee Bar Coffee Cake from