Think Pink!

This afternoon I attended a baby shower for my friend Jim's wife, Colleen. She is expecting a little girl, which means of course only one thing... Pink cupcakes! I used the Restaurant Eve Birthday Cake recipe to make and frost exactly 24 cupcakes, which finished baking in 20 minutes. I was pleased to discover that I could make 24 cupcakes from a batch of cake batter, because that is the perfect number of cupcakes to have on hand when I'm planning to use a cupcake stand. I own four cupcake stands. Three of them hold 23 cupcakes, and the fourth one holds 22. If I have 24 cupcakes on hand, I can fill the stand and have an extra cupcake on hand in case one gets smushed or something (as was the case at last year's office holiday party where one got dropped on the floor as I was carrying a stand of cupcakes to the display table). As always, the recipe was a reliable performer, creating a dense, bright white cake.

I also made some Cheddar-Chive Scones and the One-In-A-Hundred Fudge Cake. The fudge cake was fairly homely, as I was intendeding to pipe on some contrast pink borders with the leftover cupcake frosting, but there wasn't any frosting to spare after I finished topping the cupcakes. But Jim agreed with my assessment that it was tastier than the Double Chocolate Layer Cake I made for his birthday two weeks ago.

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Elizabeth said…
Gorgeous cupcakes! What is your pink frosting recipe?
It's the Restaurant Eve Birthday Cake frosting recipe, just dyed pink -- I used Wilton concentrated gel icing color.