Welcome To The Neighborhood

Tom and I absolutely love our new neighborhood, A.U. Park. Our neighbors on either side of the house came over to introduce themselves right away as they saw us moving in last week. In fact, one mentioned that his wife wanted to host a brunch for people in the neighborhood to meet the new arrivals (apparently we are not the only people who have moved in of late).

Tonight I wanted to get a head start on doing some preparation for a baby shower we are hosting in the office on Tuesday. For a baby shower, I was thinking that scones would be a good idea, and I also wanted to make some lemon curd. I have never understood why people buy lemon curd, since it is so easy to make (but then again, I think the same thing about brownies and cookies). But really, if you have some lemons, sugar, eggs, and butter, you can make delicious lemon curd at home. Be sure and strain it before you cool it though, so that you can filter out all of the bits of cooked albumin, and get a smooth, silky curd.

At Costco this afternoon, I picked up a 5 lb. bag of lemons to use for the scones and lemon curd. As I started making lemon curd, I realized that I was still going to have a lot of lemons left, so I figured I would make a double batch of curd and also bake up some scones tonight to give to my nice new neighbors.

My difficulties with the oven continue. It took a bit of fooling around to find the right temperature setting to achieve 325 degrees. But I got it in the end. I was in a bit of a rush (I wanted to finish the scones as early as possible so that I could deliver them to my neighbors at a reasonable Sunday evening hour) and so I baked the scones right after making the dough instead of freezing them for a bit first like I usually do. As a result, the scones didn't hold their shape as well as usual and were a bit flat. But they were still light and sweet. I was able to deliver them warm to the neighbors, along with some lemon curd. I can't wait to see what other wonderful people we meet in our new locale!

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