Yesterday I had the chance to see my friends Aaron and Jess, who were in town for the weekend. I met Aaron in 1990, when he was my counselor at a summer science camp, and we have remained friends since. I was very excited to finally meet their adorable son Matthew for the first time! Aaron and Jess live in Hopewell, NJ, where the town Christmas tree happens to be located on their front lawn. I've had the pleasure of attending the annual Hopewell Christmas tree lighting, and it is a truly charming slice of small town Americana.

I decided to make Aaron and Jess some Whoopie Pies. I'm a bag fan of this combination of soft chocolate cakes sandwiched around a gooey marshmallow cream filling. Sometimes I mix things up a little bit and make pumpkin or carrot cake-flavored whoopie pies instead of the classic chocolate. In any case, they are always an indulgent, messy treat! Whoopie!

Recipe: Whoopie Pies from epicurious.com.


Elizabeth said…
Aaron and Jess have a baby!?! So exciting!