Hello, Gorgeous!

We're back in party mode at the office, and with fall definitely setting in, I felt like making a spice cookie for today's celebration. I scoured epicurious.com for a while and decided to give a Molasses Crinkle recipe a try.

This cookie recipe includes both butter and shortening. It calls for a spice mixture of ground ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice (I couldn't find my allspice, so I used nutmeg instead). The finished dough is very very soft. I refrigerated the dough for about an hour before baking, and it would still barely hold its shape and was easily deformed when I dipped the dough in some sanding sugar. I cannot imagine how you would make these cookies without a cookie scoop, since the dough was so difficult to handle. However, despite the fact that the cookies were no longer in neat hemisphere shapes by the time I put them in the oven, they all still managed to bake up perfectly round.

I was completely captivated by the finished cookie. It smelled deep and dark, like fall. And what a beauty! Round, golden, crackled, and full of sparkle. Hello, gorgeous! These cookies were chewy and spicy, with a wonderful textural crunch from the sanding sugar. The cookies were slightly pliable when I served them, but people didn't seem to mind.

After I baked these cookies, I packed up my KitchenAid stand mixer... I'm moving this weekend and I'm very excited about my new kitchen. I always get a little performance anxiety when I have to bake somewhere new, but I can't wait to try out my shiny new Viking oven. I'm looking forward to posting from my new locale starting next week!

Recipe: Molasses Crinkles from epicurious.com.