Reveling in No Leavening: Flourless Chocolate Cake with Coffee Liqueur

Even though Tom and I are not Jewish, I always try to make Passover-friendly desserts for folks at the office who are observing the holiday.  I have never been a fan of baking with matzo cake meal, so usually I just make flourless recipes.  Last night, I decided to revisit a recipe that I haven't made for a few years, the "Flourless Chocolate Cake with Coffee Liqueur."  

To make this cake, you melt a pound a semisweet chocolate with a half pound of butter, along with some vanilla and Kahlua.  You then fold in seven eggs that have been beaten with a cup of sugar until they are thick and pale.  That's it.  While lots of the recipe reviewers reported that the cake needs significantly more baking time than specified, I baked my cake for exactly 55 minutes as directed, and it came out perfectly.  Although the center did rise and crack during baking, it settled back in after cooling and I ended up with a very pretty cake.

I love this cake.  While each bite is decadently rich, the texture is creamy and surprisingly light.  The cake practically melts in your mouth, delivering a smooth not-too-sweet chocolate flavor with a hint of Kahlua.  This elegant dessert is lovely even without any decoration or accompaniment, and is special enough to befit any occasion. 

Recipe: "Flourless Chocolate Cake with Coffee Liqueur" from


bd20009 said…
great recipe. thanks for pointing it out! I made it this weekend. I did bake it for just the 55 minutes, it was quite good although I think I might try 60minutes next time. It was so rich and chocolately I had to serve it with whipped cream. :)