Ipso Fatto Instant Photo: Ella's Baby Shower Cake

It's a Restaurant Eve Cake. The duck on top is chocolate. Well, "chocolate-like" is probably more like it -- I think it's mostly food coloring and partially hydrogenated oils, but it is edible. It's always particularly convenient to bake baby-themed stuff in the early spring -- you can easily find lots of ducks and other great pastel cake decorations around Easter.

Recipe: Restaurant Eve's Cake from the Washington Post, April 23, 2006.


Suelle said…
That looks an interesting recipe (and you've made a beautiful cake); does using melted butter have any affect on the texture of the cake?
Serena said…
Pretty! I just made the Restaurant Eve cake recipe this weekend - it's so easy and always seems to come out ok no matter what I do. (Although the frosting recipe is a bit toothachey-sweet for my taste.) I always wondered how it would taste as a chocolate cake....
Suelle: I think the melted butter does affect the cake texture; the batter is smooth and silky, and the finished crumb is extremely tight and fine, while somehow staying moist. It's really unlike most white cakes.

Serena: thanks! The frosting is crazy sweet, but I do like it with this cake. Mmmmm, chocolate cake!